Full references or emails available on request:

Development Communication Consultant
“Thanks very much for the editing that you did on such short notice. It was very good and saved me an afternoon for other work. I was especially glad that you picked up the LSM footnote.”
Creative Director/Copywriter
“Joan demonstrated an admirable proficiency in proofreading work and took the initiative to address several systemic factors which have the potential to improve the agency’s proofing capabilities in the future. Joan showed herself to be technologically adept and was able to adapt to procedural changes which occurred during the period in question.”
Educational Consultant
“When the book was completed, Joan assisted with the final editing and proof-reading thereof. She exhibited careful and conscientious work, showing an eye for detail. Her command of the English language is very good.

"I can highly recommend Joan van Straaten for work in writing and publishing. She is skilled and has a wide general knowledge. She can work well in a team being always sensitive to the needs of others.”

Managing Director
"It was a huge task to compile the manual containing the policies and procedures for the complete organisation including the functions of procurement, production, health and safety, sales, marketing, logistics and the support functions. The initial work was done by an Italian colleague whose mastery of the English language was not up to the standard required; with the result that computer aided translation from Italian to English was done most of the time. The result was poor language while meaning and purpose got lost in the translation quite often.

"Joan van Straaten was recommended by a management consultant to do the editing and proof-reading of the manual. We communicated and exchanged documents electronically because she was based in South Africa. I was impressed with her work, because she was quick, meticulous and skilful. It was clear that she had exceptional language and writing skills, was in control of word processing and had the ability to structure a document professionally.

"It is therefore a pleasure to recommend Joan for editing, proof-reading and related work."